MESHnet Tactical Mobile Router 200

Well Connected: Core to Edge

Modern "anywhere & anytime" connectivity has shaped the development of portable voice/data management & information sharing to expect high bandwidth, stable, static infrastructure.

Product Features

  • Link Analysis - evaluates links as desired, disadvantaged or disrupted, auto-selects the appropriate transport protocol.
  • Disruptive Tolerant Networking - information delivery "store and forward" mechanism eliminates the need for constant end-to-end connectivity. This is enhanced with a General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada developed protocol that improves message delivery reliability and efficiency in high packet loss environments.
  • Low Bandwidth Routing Protocol (LBRP) - a General Dynamics developed, low overhead, routing protocol for moving data packets on low bandwidth radio links. Supports up to 2000 nodes in ad hoc mobile radio networks, and is compatible with standard routing protocols.
  • Audio - each unit offers an audio accessory port.
  • Radio - each unit offers two radio ports supporting a wide range of tactical radio bearers.
  • Switch/Router - each unit provides a Gigabit layer III switch for high speed traffic such as streaming video.
  • Device Control - unit serial ports can be virtualized for control of network devices.
  • Management - automation of TMR 200 functions results in virtual "fit & forget" capability, the minimal user configuration needed is accomplished via a simple web-based utility, accessible from any standard web browser application.


Tactical mobile battlefield networks are characterized by a heterogeneous set of bearers that provide orders of magnitude variations in available bandwidth, ranging from 100Mbps+ LANs to Combat Net Radios (CNR) links providing 100s bps to 10s kbps. Disruptions to radio networks occur for a wide variety of reasons, including: mobile fading, terrain obstruction, combat losses, intentional and unintentional jamming. 

Current battlefield networks are increasingly employing standard Internet transport protocols which impose high bandwidth overhead and rely on consistent end-to-end connectivity. This technological solution has difficulty providing acceptable message delivery performance over the typically tactical network. 

The TMR200 overcomes these challenges by analyzing network feedback to characterize links as Desired, Disadvantaged or Disrupted and then delivering information via the most appropriate bearer. TMR uses advanced protocols to transfer messages with reliability, efficiency and reasonable latency in a disrupted heterogeneous network environment.

Environmental Specifications

MESHnet® Tactical Mobile Router 200 Specifications

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Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
Storage Temperature -51°C to +80°C (-60°F to +176°F)
MIL-STD-810F Tested Vibration (wheeled and tracked), Transit drop, Shock, Salt fog, Sand and dust, Fluid contamination, NBC decontamination, Immersion, Fungus, Altitude