MESHnet Communications Selector Box

Core Platform Networking

Modern technology has raised an expectation of "anywhere & anytime" connectivity and developed efficient & highly portable capabilities to share & manage information. To take advantage of these technologies; military, first responder, and industrial customers must apply them to users and roles that live and work "off the grid" under extreme conditions, and fit the systems into specialized purpose built platforms.

Product Features

  • Communications Selector Box Network - interconnected CSB units create a platform Local Area Network (LAN) and the integral 100 Mbps Ethernet facility supports data exchanges. Resource sharing via the platform network cuts the number of peripherals needed and reduces equipment space, weight and power needs.
  • Communications Selector Box Audio - supports a wide selection of monaural/binaural audio accessories and a management feature to save volume levels and assignment of audio sources to left/right or both ears.
  • Communications Selector Box Data - the data port supports Ethernet, serial and USB for peripherals like data terminals, sensors and global positioning receivers.


The Communications Selector Box is a premier solution to evolve and enhance the accessing, sharing and management of voice and data for users and platforms demanding advanced communications technology.

The Communications Selector Box delivers the benefits of modern office capabilities to the field in a qualified military specification package designed to survive harsh environments and punishing usage.

Communications Selector Box installations can be scaled to any role including; single user hub, multiple user fits mounted to crewed platforms, or as a command/operations center backbone by platform interconnection or dismounted equipment in field shelters/buildings.

Environmental Specifications

MESHnet® Communications Selector Box Specifications

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Operating Temperature -40°C to +63°C
Storage Temperature -51°C to +71°C
MIL-STD-810F Compliant vibration, transit drop, salt fog, sand and dust, rain, fluid contamination, immersion, NBC decontamination, fungus, and altitude