Digital Fire Control System (DFCS)

On-Platform Hardware and Fire Control Software

General Dynamics provided the world's first digital fire control system for the U.S. M1 main battle tank, and continues to support fire control applications for major combat platforms.

Product Features

  • Battle proven hardware and systems for extreme environments
  • Indirect fire control and system integration capabilities
  • Designers and manufacturers of fire control displays and computers
  • Compliant with Advanced Artillery Tactical Data System
  • Currently deployed in theatre


Incorporating extreme environment hardware, fire control software, and systems integration expertise, we are providing equipment on major U.S. fire control platforms such as the Joint Lightweight Towed Artillery Digitization 155 mm Howitzer, Stryker Mobile Gun System, and the HIMARS/MLRS vehicles, and international systems such as LINAPS.

Environmental Specifications

Digital Fire Control System (DFCS) Specifications

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Operating Temperature -46°C to +49°C
Storage Temperature -51°C to +71°C