Torpedo Detection

The Matador Torpedo Detection System is a lightweight, state-of-the-art torpedo detection and classification system designed to be integrated with passive acoustic sensors on any platform. That acoustic data is processed to create displays, audio streams, and tools that speed up operator decision-making. Combined with modern situational-awareness displays, this increases operator confidence and reduces false alarms during target investigation, detection, reporting and tracking.

Easy Integration

Matador is easily integrated with any passive acoustic sensors available to the ship.  This includes towed arrays, hull mount sonars, variable depth sonars and even deployed sonobuoys.  The matador system operates as an adjunct processor alongside the ships existing combat management and ASW systems.  This significantly reduces the cost and risks associated with system integration.  The Matador system will work with sensors from multiple vendors and requires only a data feed from the sensor to perform its parallel processing.  Matador provides an intuitive operator OMI which can be hosting on the ships existing displays or in a dedicated workstation.

World Class Performance

During recent trials Matador demonstrated its performance on board the Royal Canadian Navy's HMCS Calgary.  Matador was tested against a variety of torpedo types and demonstrated an excellent ability to detect threats from very long ranges.  To learn more about Matador test results please contact us.  

Matador Torpedo Detection System

Matador provides unprecedented coverage against any torpedo threat in both littoral and blue water environments and is easily integrated with a Combat Management System.