A proven solution from a trusted partner that closes the technology gap and delivers the power of information to protect the public and save lives.

CitySHIELD is built on the General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada SHIELD Ecosystem architecture - a secure hybrid public safety system network that combines 4G/LTE technology with satellite and fiber optics networking to seamlessly and securely connect users with voice, data and other security applications.

About CitySHIELD

As a trusted partner in public safety and security, General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada knows that when citizens call for police, fire, or ambulance assistance they want the dispatcher to be able to locate them and relay important details to the units responding to the call.

Public safety and security threats and challenges are growing in complexity. Timely and accurate information is the key to an effective response by public safety and emergency teams. With the right information, police, fire, and ambulance personnel can better protect citizens.

CitySHIELD is the solution that gives first responders and security forces the information they need to protect and save lives. CitySHIELD closes the gap between what most emergency services personnel have in terms of information at their fingertips, and what most of the rest of society takes for granted in a world of smart devices and expanding broadband networks. 

With CitySHIELD police, fire and ambulance responders can collect and share tactical information securely on a dedicated network, passing critical data, videos, maps and locations in real time, with each other and with other first responder agencies as required. With hand held and vehicle installed smart devices first responders are connected to their supervisors in operations centers with reliable, connections and user friendly displays to protect and secure the public and the responder.


  • Advanced, high bandwidth digital IP network
  • Mobile and fixed video surveillance system, which is designed for large-scale, high-security deployments that demand real-time, high performance surveillance
  • Operations and dispatch system, which includes computer aided dispatch, a mobile response application, resource tracking, command and control systems, intelligence, communications and information management systems
  • In-vehicle computing system, which enables secure and real-time access to police databases, incident reporting systems, video surveillance, license plate recognition, and location tracking systems
  • Web intelligence features, which enable police to search open sites, such as forums, social networks and other key sources
  • Citizen safety application, which citizens can download and use to report incidents and attach videos, snapshots, voice information, and location information
  • License plate recognition, which can recognize license plates on vehicles traveling at high speed
  • Biometric facial recognition system, which uses the FaceFirst® system and offers the ability to use fixed cameras and video from the 4G/LTE smartphones to identify persons of interest
  • Digital telephony system, which includes IP desk phones and video phone stations to support operations and administration


  • Support high volume traffic
  • Reliable connectivity even in a crisis
  • Reduced response times to save lives
  • Enable security personnel to be continuously connected and fully situationally aware
  • Allow operations centers and call dispatch centers to be fully aware of the availability, capability, and location of all officers at all times
  • Interconnects multiple agencies into one interoperable public safety force
  • Support city-wide video surveillance and recording systems to allow operation centers and dispatchers to monitor public safety incidents as they unfold

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