General Dynamics Canada Introduces New Mobile Routers to Keep Tactical Internet Users Engaged

September 13, 2011 | News Release

OTTAWA, Ontario, September 13, 2011 - General Dynamics Canada, a leader in developing and delivering Tactical Internet systems worldwide, today introduced a new family of Tactical Mobile Routers (TMR). The TMR provides reliable data delivery where Internet standards fail due to low bandwidth availability or a disrupted tactical- edge network. The routers ensure that mission-critical personnel who rely on tactical internets to accomplish their mission can communicate using off-the-shelf applications, including email, chat messages and multimedia-rich shared information resources.

For military and other personnel who rely on the continuous availability of applications residing on a tactical internet, TMRs seamlessly create ad hoc networks that automatically form, reconfigure and operate even when network infrastructure is overloaded, damaged or unavailable due to mountainous or remote terrain, urban environments or other conditions.

"Ad hoc networks support fast deployment and high mobility for all end users," said David Ibbetson, general manager of General Dynamics Canada. "As an integral part of those networks, General Dynamics' TMRs deliver unprecedented connectivity for military and public safety personnel who depend on mission-critical, often life-saving information from the Tactical Internet."

Tactical Mobile Routers comprise advanced networking technologies and communications engineering that enable 'store and forward' capabilities that ensure vital information is sent and received. Available in a range of sizes and capabilities, TMRs simplify system integration into military platforms where size, weight, power and cost are important considerations.

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